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Friday, May 9, 2008

facts of physics- i hereby farhana , is gona fail in physics.

okae...........how do i get about telling my wonderfull experience sitting in an environment full of geniueses and i felt so stupid sitting in the middle..there goes...

damn!!! i have to say,hu eva set tat physics paper must have wanted us to fail on purpose or she just set it hard so that we will suffer the whole weekend thinking of how badly we did in physics.i seriously think dat physics is not for me, i just dun get it..its toooooooooooooooo complicated..if compared to biology or chemistry id prefer bio and chem compared to physics.

acceleration=change in velocity\time taken
weight= mg
work done= fs

oh boy..i am thankful that at least the paper is over..2 more weeks to go, then its pior and solid freedom, i will fly like a bird as far as i can get away from school. oh wait, i will be goin to spain this hols anyway, so that is considered as flying too.lol.well, will update soon bout the rest of the papers,which will turn out horrible as well, so its basically the same. okidokey, gota run now..
adios!!!! =]

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adam iskandar said...

hey.just stop by to say hi. wow. is ur exams really that bad tat u have to go from cursing the paper 2 cursing the teacher!from wat i heard from u few days bak, u said that ur exams were getting on fine,im guessing its not that fine now.hey u should be happy, physics is over.
anyways,will write again soon since im not working dat much nowadays.