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Sunday, April 6, 2008

this is an application in facebook.. its a very interesting application.. those who dont have facebook, please create one.. facebook is like my space and friendster but it has much more applications.. u dont really use facebook for chatting.. its more on the fun side, like for an example, u can actually kick, punch or kiss someone using the applications provided.. u can also chat using funwall, the wall or super wall.. u can upload pictures n videos.. the best part is u get to make more friends from around the world.. besides all dat, the most common thing that almost all the people on facebook have is superpoke applocation. u can poke someone or do any action with dat person.. u can also modify ur profile,change ur profile pictures and ur idiocratic circumtances..so facebook is really fun if u know how to use it.. i hope u guys will actually create an account in facebook.. its really worth it.. so give it a try.. and for those hu have it, rock on facebookers!!!!!

people.. as u saw below,all d pictures of bones and booth, they r all very valuble.. please dont make fun or critisize them.. if u happen to do so, u will never hear d end of it.. rock on bones!!!!!!!!!!!! n yes, they both look good.. tooooo good infact.. if u wana noe more in detail bout bones the tv show, u can link to this website..its the best.. enjoy.. and adios for now!!!!! ...:::The Bones Fansite:::...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

david[booth] and emily[bones] at 'bones' premiere.. hu eva took this picture, damn, the look like they r going to kiss...

look at them.. looks like they r madly in love with each other.. bones and booth..i love u guys!!!!

BONES; its all about solving cases, cases which gota do with bones, and the fbi agent, seeley booth works together with dr.temperance brennan who is a anthropologist, they r both good at their work, lets say they r just the best.. every week they wil solve a case together, and they hav solved many many many cases together and yet they dont fall in love with each other.. this tv show is about solving crime plus sum romance wit suspense as well..there are also other characters in this tv show, whoch are dr.addy , dr.goodman, dr.hodgins dr camille and angela montenegro.. all of them actually work as a big team to solve cases but the main ones are booth and bones.. wait!!! bones is temperence's nickname wherelse booth is seeley's nickname.. both nicknames rhyme..they both argue alot, argue about many things such as work, their life, food, relationships, and lots more.. booth is a best buddy of bones.. and so is bones 2 booth.. if u notice during the 3 seasons, booth is always guarding and protecting bones from anything that can harm her in any way.. booth is married in real life and has a kid, almost everyone says that booth should get a divorce and get married to bones, im talking about booth and bones in real life yea... for a reason y booth should get a divorce from his current wife is coz his current wife looks like a retarted woman compared to bones... they met each other for the first time during the shooting of this tv show.. the producer decided to both of em because he thinks dat both of em make a good couple on tv..

oh my god...!!!!!!!!!!!! they r just sooooo perfect for each other.. very perfect, a matchmake in heaven.. look at em.. wada u think?? i mean seriously, imagine, the r not even romantic with each other in d drama and also in real life.. beautiful couple...totally.. the girl is dr. temperance brennan and d guy is special agent seeley booth.. introducing BONES...the best tv show ever.. besides the oc and house..=]