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Sunday, April 6, 2008

this is an application in facebook.. its a very interesting application.. those who dont have facebook, please create one.. facebook is like my space and friendster but it has much more applications.. u dont really use facebook for chatting.. its more on the fun side, like for an example, u can actually kick, punch or kiss someone using the applications provided.. u can also chat using funwall, the wall or super wall.. u can upload pictures n videos.. the best part is u get to make more friends from around the world.. besides all dat, the most common thing that almost all the people on facebook have is superpoke applocation. u can poke someone or do any action with dat person.. u can also modify ur profile,change ur profile pictures and ur idiocratic circumtances..so facebook is really fun if u know how to use it.. i hope u guys will actually create an account in facebook.. its really worth it.. so give it a try.. and for those hu have it, rock on facebookers!!!!!

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